The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S1.E9 - It is VIKINGS TIME!. No Cub, Tell me why says the Internet!

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Ok, folks, It is John Lennon’s Birthday, October 9. It’s our 9th. episode! The stars are aligning! 

The mystery of the missing cub continues. Check back after the game on Sunday and you WILL find out.

For this episode, you have the dull droning of The Lion to listen to. After this one, there will be no doubt who the talent is on this show!

But for now, the show continues like a runaway wagon in the mountains of the old west!

The Lion gives you info on this week’s victim, The  Minnesota Vikings! Updates on injuries, transactions, and the history of the game. Thursday Night Football with a mangled finger. There are some thoughts and prayers and a man tries to fly and fails.

In the end, we get a #9 Dream from John

Give us a listen, will you?

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