Who are The Lion and The Cub and why should you listen:

The Lion and The Cub Podcast is a cheeky father-son Detroit Lions preview, reaction and opinion podcast.

It is from the perspective of The Lion, the grizzled old man that has been a Detroit Lions fan since 1988 and The Cub, a young and still believing, Detroit Lions fan since 1992, or his entire life.

The Lion and The Cub understand that they don’t know the intricacies of The NFL and The Lions in particular. But, like all Lions fans everywhere, that does not stop them from having an opinion.

The genesis of the podcast began over many years of The Lion and The Cub watching Lions games together and discussing the outcomes. When The Cub went away to college, these discussions continued via text during the games and phone calls afterward. That is until The Lion would become “Lions Free” sometime in October. Even though that would not last. Like some kind of addiction The Lion was pulled back to the television to watch again. The Cub never left his beloved Lions.

The Lion (Dave, The Old Man, Pops):
Previous to 1989, The Lion had been a Dallas Cowboys fan. The Lion LOVED his Cowboys. Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorset, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Randy White. Great players and mostly class individuals. When owner Bum Bright sold the Cowboys to Jerry Jones and Jones then proceeded to fire Tom Landry as Cowboys coach, hire Jimmy Johnson as the new head coach, the link with the old school Cowboys was forever broken. The Lion still holds a deep strong dislike for Jerry Jones to this very day for the classless way the Landy firing was handled. Old Lions have long memories.

The Lion had watched Chris Spielman in college at Ohio State and enjoyed his energy and commitment to winning. The Lion had decided no matter who drafted Spielman in the 1988 NFL Draft, The Lion would become a fan of that team. A sort of favorite team 1a to the Cowboys

The combination of the Landry firing and the Detroit Lions drafting Spielman in the second round of the 1988 NFL Draft, the bond with the Lions was welded together. Thank God The Pittsburgh Steelers or the Cleveland Browns didn’t draft him.

The Lion was a young 25-years-old when he became a Detroit Lions fan. Young and optimistic that his new team would go on to dominate the league just like his old team the Cowboys did. The love of the Lions only grew with each passing season. Watching Spielman, Barry Sanders, Erik Kramer and a number of outstanding players join The Lions.

This faith in the Detroit Lions was rewarded in the 1991 season when the Lions defeated the hated Dallas Cowboys not once but twice in the same year. Both games which The Lion attended. The second win over The Cowboys was in Divisional Playoffs 38-6! IN YOUR FACE Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson!

The following week, a disaster occurred in Washington when the then named Redskins pummeled the Lions 41-10. To earn a trip to Superbowl 26, which they then won 37-24 over the Buffalo Bills.

After the amazing 1991 season, The Lion believed the Lions were on their way! Oh, how wrong he was. A search of The Lions records on Wikipedia will quickly show the disasters that followed. Barry Sanders sudden retirement. The hiring of Marty Mornhingweg, Matt Millen, Rod Marinelli, Jim Swartz and the record breaking 0-16 season in 2008.

But now The Lion is rejuvenated in his fandom by the hiring of Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell. He BELIEVES that the team, beginning in the Fall of 2021, is on a 34 game rebuild process and WILL become a power in the NFL!

The Cub (Phil, The Kid):
Unfortunately for the Cub, he was born and raised a Detroit Lions fan. Born almost 9 months after the lone Lions playoff victory since 1957, he has known nothing but disappointment and sadness. From Rodney Pete, Erik Kramer, Scott Mitchell, Charlie Batch and Stoney Case to Ty Detmer, Mike McMahon and ultimately Matthew Stafford to Jared Goff just to name a few, The Cub has seen a NUMBER of QBs come through the team since 1992. None of which has brought him a playoff victory in his lifetime. But, hope springs eternal for a young man in the prime of his football fandom life.

The Cub has travelled across this great country going to college in Cincinnati at the University of Cincinnati and living and working in Chicago. He has now moved to Hamtramck and works for a Detroit based company.

Despite his many travels he still bleeds Honolulu Blue and Silver following EVERY Lions game.

The Plans For The Show:
We will produce 2 podcasts a week during the regular season. First, a preview of the coming game and second a post game autopsy of what happened. No pod-fade from us.

Why have a podcast?
They both know that neither of them had insider information about the team but they also knew that they were not beholden to the team for accredited access. Due to the transparency brought by the Internet, they both could watch live press conferences and gain pretty much the same information as the “professional” media. With this information The Lion and The Cub could bring the opinion of the long suffering fans unfiltered to interested parties. They also believe that they can bring a few laughs to the fans of OUR team and they plan to do this by not taking themselves too seriously.

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