The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S1.E8 Autopsy #4 Lions Lose AGAIN. This one smells!

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The cast of 1000’s continue!

The Detroit Lions Marching Band, Gus Johnson, Jarred Goff’s Dad, Clayton Kershaw, Matthew Stafford, @worldofisaac, Jim Varney, SNL, Bobby Bloom, Dr. Phil, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Joe Namath!

The Lion and The Cub are both pissed off. But, The Cub may be more pissed off than The Lion.

Same Old Lions!

The men go over the game as bad as it looked! They come up with a new Latin saying for The Lions: Conversus in pertulerat or Permanens Victus

The Cub is going to join the Lions then he goes on a rant. Another preview of the end of the podcast. The Old Man still can’t pronounce a player’s name.

Usain Bolt gets a mention. LBJ talks about adjustments. Preston Benjamin for all your Denver chiropractic needs.

Sunday afternoon naps! The Lion was drunk EVERY Sunday, Mama T and Grandma Sheila, Shout out to over 80 crowd.

Lining up offsides pisses everyone off.

Coach Urban Meyer goes to the bar and video cameras appear.

Coming up next week, The Detroit Lions at The Minnesota Vikings!

Injuries, injuries, injuries!

Partial score and the early Sunday scores.

The Cub is going on assignment in beautiful Los Angeles!

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