The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S1. E6 Autopsy of The Lions 19-17 BRUTAL Loss To The Ravens of Baltimore

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We have another STAR-STUDDED show.

Dan Miller, Detroit Lions Talk With MicroMike, CBS Clueless Announcers, Coach Campbell, The Detroit Lions Marching Band, Homer Simpson, The Cub, The Lion, Brent Musburger, Joe Namath, Suzy Kolber, and Former Beatle Great RINGO STARR, also joins us.

The Cub doesn’t have s&^t to say and proceeds to talk for 40 minutes. 

Then he calls out the Kansas City Chiefs! BOOM HOT TAKE!

Then he uses Detroit Lion’s circular reasoning to give us a victory in the Superbowl. 

Punts galore in the first half. The Lion wants to save this game forever.

Justin “Mother” Tucker, what can we say, LOTS.

The Cub believes in curses and The Lion thinks Henry Ford made a deal with the devil and we are all suffering for it.

The Lion takes a trip down Heartbreak Lane!

The Cub drops an MFer

The guys go over the game again. Just so they can suffer again.

Jack Fox is the man until he isn’t.

Darla makes a quiet little visit. Welcome, Darla!

The Lion doesn’t understand nicknames.

The Lion mentions his bad experience with Twitter.

The Lion uses a nickname for the Lions, 1 minute after knocking nicknames. 

Toledo Saint John Titans get a mention!

The Cub struggles with Lions player’s names.

The Lion tells Lions fans to not blame the officials

New term, doink of the century (TM).

Suddenly it becomes a Kansas City Chiefs post-game show.

The Cub mentions his lack of betting skills. Waa Waa

The show is wrapped up…… but wait!

The Cub doesn’t like Da Bears.

Around the league: The wrapup of Sunday’s games.

What is win probability? Who figures that out. 

Kenny Golladay gets mad, again.

Ben Roethlisberger is old.

3-0 is a good start for the season.

0-3 is bad.

Picking the Lions to make the playoffs was NOT a good bet.

More former Lions greats play today.

The Cub has a senior moment and can’t remember the name of the Eagles quarterback 20 years ago.

The Lion mentions Twitter again and Ringo comes to the rescue.

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