The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S1.E5 We are up to number 5 and it is a preview of this weeks game vs. the Baltimore Ravens!

We have a star-studded show for you this week. Literally a cast of thousands! 

Al Gore, The Detroit Lions Marching Band, The Cub, The Lion, Jim Varney, Barak Obama, Chris Berman, Tom Jackson and Dan Campbell.

Controversy about Dan Cambell’s eyes! Was he making fun of Asian people! NOPE!

We remember the ONLY Lions victory against the Ravens it happened back in 2006. Throwing Joey and DANCING LIONS! 21 penalties and the Lions didn’t do it! Neon Dion Sanders!

Bye, Bye Collins. At some point…….

The Lion can’t remember the Lion kickers.

The Lion can’t pronounce another Lions player’s name and another and another. Then he goes back to the old days, YAWN!

The Black Eyed Peas pop up as well as the Fugees. Again, The Lion can’t remember who is who. The Cub gives us some old job stories regarding MISS Lauren Hill and Chance The Rapper.

The injury practice report doesn’t look bad. 

The men agree that Cris Collinsworth is a dufus. They also agree that Lamar Jackson is a good quarterback. As was Michale Vick. These two are brilliant. 

They then give you guaranteed bets to keep the casinos in business. The we want points fun bet of the week is a sure loser. Sorry.

The Lion talks Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

Thoughts and prayers and nobody is dead. However, we remember Charles Rodgers. The Lion doesn’t know if Titus Young is dead or alive. He is alive and out of prison! The Cub gives you a list of former Lion greats!

The show format changes on the fly. Now it is a Thursday night recap! Sam Darnold is 3-0! The Lion DIDN’T see the game due to his beauty sleep. The Cub rags on Adam Gase. Even if he was a former Lion assistant.

The Lion talks former Detroit Drive great, Art Schlichter. Arena Bowl IV in 1990. 

The Cub is getting foggy memories, oh boy.

See you after the game on Monday!

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