The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S1.E10 OH NO!! It's Déjà vu all over again! But, The Cub is back.

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The cast of 1000’s continues, WOW!

The Cub is back!! And he has some stories about a football team!

First, the stars of our show: @MicroMike85,  Fox Sports, Ed Bassmaster, The Detroit Lions Marching Band, The Queen of England, John Sterling, Harry Carey, Ernie Harwell, Mel Allen, Orson Wells, Jim Nantz @mrjackfox, #HCDC, Jimi Hendrix, John Legend, M.C. Hammer, Baker Mayfield, Dr. Phill, O.J. Simpson, Joe Theisman, Lawrence Taylor,

Lions lose on ANOTHER heartbreaker!

But Dan Campbell has large balls!

Jared Goff has trouble throwing the ball, but can you blame him?

Vikings gift the Lions a late fumble and they take the lead and still lose.

Yahoo Sports does not give The Lions much of a chance of winning even with the lead and 37 seconds to go.

The Lion covers the drives and only mispronounces a few players names.

His name is JARED and fumbles too much!

The Lions have a GREAT punter, YAY!

The Cub brings up the lowest-scoring Superbowl in history.

The Lion still hates Matt Millen

@DarylJohnston knows more about officiating than @DeanBlandino

The Lions are going to win, nothing to worry about, that is until they don’t. At least it didn’t hurt as much as the last time this happened.

Dan Campbell cares and reminds The Lion of Chris Spielman.

Quintez Cephus is out for the year. He broke his leg in college.

John Legend is sexy!

The fellas go over nap %, fascinating stuff.

Sewell is having trouble pass blocking, no shit!

How about a history of the Detroit Lions Left Tackles.

Baker Mayfield can’t outrun the cops

The Cub is tired and ready to end the Podcast. He then proceeds to get cranky and then to talk for another 30 minutes.

The Cub gives betting tips. Bet on good teams.

Urban Meyer still has a job. John Gruden has a job, but wait, he is now gone!

The Browns lose again. Whoops.

The Cub’s Dr. calls! No big deal!

Andy Dalton plays like Andy Dalton. No kidding!

O.J. like the Buffalo Bills

This show is over. BUT WAIT THERE MORE!

The Cub talks about opening a window on a plane!

Everything in L.A. is awesome! Well, if you like it some much, why don’t you move there.

Shoutout United Airlines for not crashing his plane!

The Cub has strange food choices.

Teasers for the future!

Good night EVERYBODY!

Shoutout @PrideOfDetroit, thanks for the great coverage of the team!

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