The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S1.E1. Let's get you ready for some Detroit Lions Football

OK, here we go. Internet, please be kind as we know you are.

Where are we at? Two huge media centers of Hamtramck and Lambertville, Mi. The magic of Discord brings us together for your ears to enjoy.

Let’s talk some pregame no-go at Eastern Market and no-go Taylor Decker. He gave somebody the finger and now he needs surgery….maybe. Nich Bosa could kill our Quarterback Matthew Stafford, whoops, sorry, Jared Goff.

Speaking of killing, ALLEGEDLY D’Andre Swift is, isn’t, no comment is ALLEGEDLY involved in an investigation into a murder in Philly on July 4th.  

We HAVE a kicker! He HAS made 1 kick from more than 50 yards in his career. So, there is that going for him.

Don Muhlbach’s unemployment ran out this week like the rest of us, so he retired from football and took a job in The Lions front office. Then they can fire him on his 41st. birthday next year all over again. Also, if the new long snapper sucks, Donnie can do two jobs and double-dip on the paycheck.

The 49ers are picked to kick the Lions’ ass by 7.5-8.5 points. Heavy betting on San Francisco. Oh boy.

Plenty of tickets available for the game. Take it from The Lion a 30-year ticket broker. WAIT AND PRICES WILL DROP!

The old man hates predictions and mock drafts. SO he bitches about it for the Millenials and then proceeds to predict the Lions will not cover. Look for his 2022 mock draft next week.

Enjoy the show, everyone!

Gooooooooooooooooo Lions

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