The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S1.E.13 - A Few Technical Difficulties!

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More great guests! Well, at least a little sample of guests.

The Detroit Lions Marching Band, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Heath Ledger, Ray Charles, U of Cincinnati Marching Band, The King ELVIS PRESLEY!, President Obama, President Trump, Journey, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, ESPN, Chris Berman, Some random guy yelling, Head Coach Dan Campbell, Matt Stafford, David Lee Roth, Destiny’s Child, Stephen A. Smith, Mike Gundy,

Game preview. Game 7 of 34 game rebuild process.

The Cub feels GREAT!

Jarod Goff Revenge Game

The Lion has a brain fart as to where the Dallas Cowboys stadium is located.

Shout out, Steve and Dondi!

The game is at 4:05 Eastern on Fox

The Lions are 200 point underdogs to the Rams!

Matty Stafford is the best QB of all time!

U of Cincinnati is the best college team of all time. Hint, hint, The Cub went to Cincinnati.

Cincinnati will be screwed out of the playoffs.

The boys invite Pardon My Take to the show to help them grow their following. Pardon My Take’s following, not The Lion and The Cubs’. @PardonMyTake

The Lions and The Cub are disrupters.

A trip down memory lane regarding Rams Lions history. It is good and bad.

Then technical difficulties ensue!

There is now a 3 tab rule for the show

Live show prep must be fascinating.

The Cub does not know we are making a show

Geronimo the great Native American gets a repeated shout-out.

Tyler Decker news. IR, yes no maybe so.

BREAKING NEWS!!! The Lions are NOT going to make the playoffs.

Danalytics, the future of the NFL.

Who is practicing, who is not?

Another former Ram is on the revenge tour 2021!

Let’s give a big Hand to the University of Alabama.

Kicker analytic.

The Cub takes the entire show off the rails. Thanks, Phillip.

Baltimore can run and Tua needs a break.

Matt Stafford talks about how great LA is!

Shout out, Conner.

The Cub is tired of hearing about Stafford

The guys still can’t pronounce the players on the team.

Dick Night Train Lane was good


The Cub can’t gamble!

The line in the game continues to grow!

The Lion thinks we are going to get killed! He is as accurate at gambling as The Cub.

Time for The Cub’s picks.

Thoughts and prayers to Pat Studstill

The Cub stops listening to his own show.

Be a Man!

Chris Spielman is a MAN! He will be in the ring of honor!

We are not crying! It’s onions, OK, SECOND DOWN AND NINE!

Thanks for listening!

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