The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
The Lion and The Cub Podcast!
S03.E01 - YES SIR!! We are back and better than ever, well better than some!

Season 3! We are as surprised as you that we are still cranking out the content!

Wow, it has been a while but we don’t believe in B.S. talking about mock drafts and fake stuff like that. We believe in hard news about the Detroit Lions no matter how long ago it happened. Hey did ya hear the Lions might Trade Matthew Stafford? No, that is just a lame Dad joke. But we do actually have some timely news. Free Agency, NFL Draft 2023 and even a little USFL talk. Go Michigan Panthers!

So, here it is. Hot off the hard drive!

The rebuild is complete. The Detroit Lions will FINALLY win the NFC North.

We also have a guest. A long-suffering Miami Dolphins fan living in Denver, Colorado and twisting necks! Chuck P. Stone-Breaker

Come join us, will you?

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